My Mom (70) had a major stoke and just had another one. We can't leave my mom alone she has speech, memory issues. Me and my dad take care of her. she goes to get occupation therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy 2x a week. she was in a skilled nursing place for about one moth. I want to know if medicare will pay for someone to come in and take care of her a few hours on the weekends my dad and I both work on Saturday. and we just need some help. If my dad quits his job on the week end can he get compensated?

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Nichole, according to the website, Medicare doesn't cover custodial care, meaning helping with everyday life.

Sorry, vast majority of spouses are not paid to care for their spouse unless the wife has funds to pay her husband for her care. If your Mom is able to do that, your Dad would need to draw up an employment contract stating number of hours each week, the hourly pay, and who will be paying the payroll taxes. This contract is needed just in case in the near future you Mom would need to qualify for Medicaid help.
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