I live in California. My mom entered Conv. Hospital for rehab. They are now saying she is no longer making progress so Medicare will no longer pay. They are telling me there is a waiting list for long term Medicaid beds so she has to leave. She is too ill for me to care for her at my home. Can they make her leave or are they required to give her a bed.

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You're asking two different questions:
1. Can they make you take her?
2. Can they make her leave?

The answer to 1. is no. If you cannot care for your mother at your home, do not accept responsibility for her, do not agree to collect her, do not allow them to transport her to your house (though was she living with you previously? - that might complicate matters, but even so you can refuse to take her back).

The answer to 2. is yes; but it is their responsibility to discharge her to a safe location. Just don't expect them to find one that is convenient for you if you're refusing to be involved.
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First: Is your mother in for physical rehab or medical rehab? I.e., does she have a medical condition, such as needing to be ventilator weaned, or recovering from a long term illness? If so, ask about the long term care hospitals. Select Specialty Hospital was one we used. They have different criteria for progression than physical rehab facilities.

I ask because if someone determined she's not making progress, it sounds as if she's in a rehab unit with in the Convalescent Hospital. If so, she might be judged by different standards.

2. Again, depending on the nature of her rehab, exactly what do "they" say about her failure to progress, and who are "they"? Are these admins or therapists, nurses, doctors?

During our first rehab experience, an unpleasant sort of therapist decided my mother wasn't progressing b/c she was refusing to cooperate. He claimed that my mother refused to try to stand. That would have been grounds for having to move her b/c Medicare wouldn't pay for someone who isn't progressing.

We met with the staff and our ortho surgeon, who was angry that the therapist was trying to force my mother to stand. His orders were non weight bearing status for 6 weeks. Whether or not the therapist was aware of that, or if there was some communication snafu, I don't know.

But the facility transferred the therapist, replaced him with a very competent and flexible female therapist, and she worked with my mother on PT while seated until Mom could stand on her broken leg.

So there may be some staff issues, an attitude adjustment needed, or something else going on. Get to the bottom of it and get answers before moving your mother. And good luck!
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Yes, a rehab hospital can discharge your Mom if she is no longer making progress after 20 or 21 days being in the facility. If there are no beds in long-term-care you would need to look around at other long-term-care facilities in your area. Check with your Mom's casework, he/she should be able to locate a bed elsewhere.

We always hope the location of the next long-term-care is nearby but if it isn't, have Mom move still move to that location.... then put her name in for places closer by.... the only thing is that she may have to pay for transportation to that new location.
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