My brother suffers with dementia. I need him placed in a facility temporarily while his home is treated for infestation. Can this be done?


He has an aide that provides care 7 days a week. However, do to the infestation the aide will not come. The home needs to be fully treated. My family will purchase all new clothing and will refurnish the apartment once treated. However, we need a place for him to stay where he can be cared for. He suffers from dementia and schizophrenia.

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The person who has POA is obligated to see that he is placed and de-infested. If there is no POA, call his social worker (I am assuming he is on Medicaid).
If there is no social worker, call the county health department.
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08/22/16..... Jean, call around to the various continuing care facilities and explain what is going on and the medical issues that your brother has. Maybe a facility that is associated with a hospital might be a good choice due to his schizophrenia. Hopefully you will find temporary on care housing while your brother's home is being treated and fixed up.

Some places will allow his Aide to still care for him as long as she has all her papers in order, such as a current TB test, background check, etc.
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Are you your brother's Health Care Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney? Have you been taking care of his affairs and health care decisions? Has he been deemed incompetent by his doctor or a court? How old is he?

Have you had your brother evaluated to see what level of care he needs? Except for the early stages, dementia patients actually need around the clock care and supervision. Does this caretaker stay with him 24/7? I think I would explore what kind of care your brother needs and use this opportunity to either place him or get the right amount of care brought into his home?

If this infestation occurred once, then what would stop it from reoccurring? Maybe, there needs to be more hands on care and control over the environment. For safety reasons, I would consider it an emergency. Are you talking about mice infestations, fleas, roaches? It's sounds very unsafe. I'd get him some help ASAP.
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