My loved one's assisted living facility posts a lump sum for several additional services. When asked to break down the cost of each of the services they refuse. They also state that if my loved one refuses the services, or performs the services himself for his partner -- he STILL has to pay for the services even if they were never performed, because in the opinion of the AL facility, those services are necessary. Is this legal in California?

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Hi there, I don't know if you found out any information regarding your loved one's bill..but my mother's bill came today. This is what is on the preprinted portion of the bill.
Primary Services Fee (this is her monthly room rent)
Specialized Care Fees (this is her ADL section, in her case, help with showering)
Additional Services:
Spa Services
Incontinent supplies (I'm over there 3-4 times per week and just buy them online.
Walmart has free shipping for orders over 50.00 so I buy her
Depends and Ensure and have them delivered.)
Guest Meals:
Room Service: (She has used this service more than a couple of times)
Furniture rental: (Mom has all of her own furniture in her room)
Transportation/escort: (Mom's Blue Cross has taken care of all of these
rides so far, Dr. appointments, trips to the ER, etc)
Late Fees:
Extra housekeeping:(They provide general cleaning and laundry, but I still
take care of these things)
Then the bill goes on with a list of anticipated forms of payment, such as the VA, or Social Security.
I really don't think a place should refuse a request for a breakdown of services..especially if the person is private pay.
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Sounds like you need to report this facility to whatever state authority or review board you can. As long as these for profit agencies are allowed to persecute and financially abuse people they will. The large corporate facilities are especially guilty of this activity. This MUST stop now.
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Hi there, I'm not sure about California, I'm in central Florida, but my mother is in assisted living. When we first moved her in, we were given a paper that had her monthly fee, plus the fee list for ADLs (help with showering, dressing, etc), the beauty shop, etc. Her monthly bills are preprinted with a list of all possible fees, and the finance manager literally fills in the blanks, so I've been lucky in knowing where the money goes. They should be able to give you a break down. As far as paying for services that weren't our case that depends on what it is. My mother pays for help with showering. She has been known to refuse her showers (she did it when living with me)...this is something we have to pay for whether she takes it or not. Look at it this way, if one aide has an entire hallway, and there are 15 people that all need showers, the facility will schedule more help for that shift. I do think you should be made aware of what the original lease states. This would give you some idea of what your loved one was expecting to pay. Good Luck!! Keep us posted on what you find out.
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