For example

LEVEL I might be companion care with light meals and no lifting
LEVEL II might be patient transfers from bed to chair and light housekeeping 
LEVEL III might be bathing and deeper cleaning
LEVEL IV might be taking care of a completely dependent individual 

The complexity of care would increase each level.

Is there official or unofficial info on this?


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So the basic break down is roughly this:

Companion Care - Basically someone to spend time with. Break up the boredom. Maybe do some light tasks like cooking, cleaning, etc.
Home Health Aide/CNA - Basically act as assistance to the patient. They have medical training, but it's relatively minimal so they're not going to be providing deep insight.
LPN - Similar to HHA and CNA, but with more training. They're licensed to do more, but relatively limited
RN/Private Duty - These are basically hospital nurses and can help with a huge variety of medical related tasks.
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Candee, I am not familiar with any "levels" regarding home care. Maybe some Agencies do use "levels".

When my Dad needed professional caregivers, all I did was call an Agency and on the interview the Rep and I talked about what was needed. No levels were discussed.

Now later when my Dad moved to Independent Living, there were levels of care, and the added cost for each level.
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