Can anyone recommend a good elder attorney in Texas? I am needing a second opinion on something.

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I’m in San Antonio, and I have worked with an excellent elder / estate planning attorney. Paul Premack. He is a top notch specialist who also writes legal columns for the SA Express News.
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Where in Texas are you located? I have a really good elder/estate planning attorney and she is in the Plano,TX area. Not sure we can post names here but I can private message it to you.
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dpapillion1972 Jul 20, 2019
My mom lives in San Antonio, but Plano will work since it will more likely be a phone consultation
dpapillion, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on "Elder Law Attorneys". Just follow the prompts, and a list of attorneys that specialize in the field of Elder Law will pop up for your area.

That is how I found the Elder Law Attorney I am using, and the same attorney that I recommended to my parents. She was excellent.

Wish we could give a personal recommendation, it would be difficult as this website is worldwide, and to have someone from your immediate area be on-line when your question is still active would be far and few between.
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