Can anyone help me with information on who and how to contact to obtain a hospital bed for my 90 year old husband.. he is spending more and more time in his bed sleeping... is this covered by Medicare?? BBoth of my parents had beds provided by the cancer society....

When my mother was in hospice, they provided the hospital bed. And oxygen tank, and other supplies and equipment needed for her care. If your husband is in hospice, call them.
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All good responses you’ve received. I’ll add another option. You can call the primary care doctor and request physical therapy home care because of your husband’s decreased ability to move around. A team of a nurse, physical therapist, Occupational therapist, and social worker will visit. They can be extremely helpful getting him moving, assessing your house for potential problems for someone with limited mobility, giving you helpful resources, and taking your request for a hospital bed to the insurance. They will actually work with your doctor and the insurance company to get you the hospital bed. I highly recommend going this route because of the extra support you receive from the home care team.

However, I found that Medicare would not cover a hospital bed that raised and lowered. Theirs only moved the head and feet. One that raised could be rented from the company, but I did the math and realized that if my husband lived for more than a year, it was better to buy a new one. Of course I didn’t do that. I went on Craigslist and found one for a fraction of the price nearby. I’m pleased with it.

Good luck to you! God bless.
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Medicare paid for my mom’s hospital bed, which had to be ordered by a Dr.
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Or or email multiple neighbors.
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Call Medicare and find out if they help pay, they may request a prescription from his doctor. If not call local churches and ask if they have medical equipment to loan.

Best luck finding one right away.
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