Can anyone explain the certification process/training of certified nursing asst/home health aides etc?


I am unhappy I am not clearer about this, though I think I am beginning to get the gist of things, which clearly may vary in each state. We DO have, here in OH, STNA's, state tested nursing assistants. They are registered with the state...but I am struggling to find info on "certified" nursing assistants OR "certified" home health aides. I am increasingly being led to conclude that many medical/dental assisting "colleges" that are typically private/for-profit have short term courses for these fields and the courses are covered by grants the student(s) qualify for. In the end, when they refer to themselves as "certified" I think it may mean nothing more than a paper certificate their training source handed them. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this??

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In NYS a CNA (certified Nursing Assistant) has to complete a course of several weeks I do not know how many and pass an exam and be reistered with the State. Many hospitals and other health care institutes will give the training free while the student works. Other college and vocational training schools also offer courses for which there is a fee. many students are able to take the courses free if they need retain after job loss etc.
They are taught basic nursing skills such as checking vital signs, providing personal care feeding patients and making beds etc. They are usually the ones who answer patients bells and provide toileting assistance etc. Some are very very good and will go on to become LPNs or RNs which they can do while still working as an aide. Some are very very bad and have no interest in advancement and did the training because it was free and they had to work. Many are older women who are exhausted from raising a family and often work nights so they can be home during the day to watch the kids. These are the ones that forget to put your call button back or leave your over the bed table by the window and unplug your phone.Many are also unreliable and frequently call in sick on a Monday or Friday or over a holiday weekend. Typically nuring staff can be off sick for 2 days before they have to get a Drs certificate.
These jobs are very difficult for institutions to fill because the work is hard and the pay low and there is huge turn over in staff.
There is another group who are highly trained professionals in their native country even Drs who have to work as aides, cleaners etc while the can get licensed in the US. Their comand of English is usually not very good but they do an excellent job. You will usually find these in major teaching hospitals.
It is not unusual in the home care field to find aides who have no training at all and work privately, again they may be good or bad. They are often referred by word of mouth. When i worked for hospice they kept a list of aides who had been found to reliable to pass on to patients who needed to hire privately for 24 hour care. These were people who had previously worked with hospice patient and had been found to be reliable.
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I took my class at the Community College. It could have been 10 weeks. During these weeks we had classroom hours and then we had to do clinical hours at the nursing home. After our hours were completed we had to take the state test, it was done in our classroom. The people from the state were very strict not engaging in any kind of conversation. After we got our results in about two weeks, if we passed the state test we then had to go take the written test, it was on computer. If you passed, we got our certification. CNA’s are required to recertified every two years. There is a form that is signed by the employer. Also it is required to have 12 hours of continuing education, which is done at the facility where you work.
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Here in NJ most CNAs are trained by the facility they work for. Its a 8-10 week course. Check ur local County College and see if they give a course. In my County our technical school gives a course. Call the AL and NHs in your area to see where there aides train.
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