DH went to see his parents. They had cancelled a free memory care appointment at a university that may have possibly nailed down why FIL has been having memory issues and hallucinations for 10 years (to the point MIL no longer spends time with her family because she doesn't want them to know). FIL had MIL cancel because he was worried about getting a lobotomy. So when DH visited he talked with them about emergency and end-of-life plans (which was very good and takes courage). Then they told him everything else was fine with FIL because he had been put on anti-depressants and most of the memory issues and hallucinations have gone away. DH said his father *does* seem better, but I'm worried. If it's been 10 years he's been going through these symptoms (and—if I remember right—he's been on and off antidepressants through that time), wouldn't the hallucinations and memory issues be more than depression alone? Can dementia symptoms stay better on antidepressants? Am I right to be concerned, or should we just let it go?

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From WebMD;
WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms hallucinations and memory problems; including Schizophrenia, Vitamin B12 deficiency, and Depression (Adult).

It may have some bearing on why your F-I-L is acting like this. He should have a thorough health exam including a psychiatric evaluation.
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I should mention, he doesn't have a UTI and his MRI is clear. MIL had told me a few times their doctor has blown off her concerns. This makes me very concerned they did not seek outside help (to our knowledge).
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