Can an assisted living facility have a POA changed if they convince the principal it is in his best interest?


My fiancé's father is in an assisted living facility. My fiancé is an only child and has medical and financial POA. The assisted living facility has been slowly changing things so that they are the primary contact and we are concerned that they are headed to having the POA changed to them. Is there anything we can do to stop this?



Never heard of an AL making changes in their favor. Are they getting permission from FIL? Is he able to give the permission? Like, no Dementia/ALZ. Who pays Dads bills, ur husband? I would question this practice and why they are doing it. I paid Moms bills. I made her appointments. Her SS and pension continued to be direct deposited and I paid the AL bill.

No, they can't change a POA unless they take Dad to a lawyer and have the first one revoked. Dad has to be able to understand what is going on.

Hopefully you have his DPOA on file at the AL.
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How close are you to him, in distance? How often does his daughter speak with him or the facility. When a caregiver, you need to show care and interest.
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When you write "primary contact", are you including financial institutions, insurance contacts, and/or other businesses, or for friends and family? Or is it for any medical personnel who might be treating your fiancé's father?

I'm puzzled as to how they're doing this, apparently without authorization.

Has your fiancé or his father raised this issue with any of the admins at the AL facility?
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LEWood, only your fiance's father can make a change to his Power of Attorney. No, the assisted living facility cannot change the POA over to themselves.

This sounds more like a misunderstanding then a change. I can't see why such a facility would need to be the "primary contact", contact by whom??? Now I can see the facility making a change that each resident has only one primary contact if the facility needs to call the family. Otherwise, some families would want all the relatives including 3rd cousins once removed to be the call list.

If the above isn't the case and there is something else legal going on, then I would highly recommend to make an appointment with an "Elder Law Attorney" to get advice.
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