He's 71 and has Medicaid but needs more.

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If he served during wartime and has service related problems, the VA will provide medical care and disability payments. A number of illnesses are Agent Orange related and are considered "presumptive illnesses", such as Parkinson's.
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I don't think she means Medicaid. I think she means Medicare. If I am right then you need to call your local VA office and see what Dad is entitled to.
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You cannot use both VA And Medicaid benefits. Check with both VA and Medicaid to see which would be most beneficial.
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worriedinCali Feb 14, 2019
Yes you can have both. dual eligibility is what it is called.
Yes. Obtain his DD214.

Honorable Discharge.

Also, there are Aid & Attendance benefits, an income to hire in home help.
Can be for Vet and spouse, widow. Inquire.

Edit: A vet would have to have served at least one day active duty in a declared official war to qualify for aid and attendance. The income limit is quite high, so ask around.

Your inquiry is for medical benefits, usually covered by Tricare? You can apply.
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It really depends, is he in a nursing home? Did he serve in Vietnam? A lot of VA assistance is income-based. He may or may not qualify for aid and attendance.
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