And can they move his mother from a facility into another and not let him know? They have always had a loving mother son relationship. He is an only child and her next of kin.

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We need more information before we can give appropriate suggestions and answers to your questions.

jeannegibbs has some excellent questions about POA and guardianship of the Mother that you need to clarify for us.

If someone "develops" dementia or Alzheimer's or depression or any other mental or emotional problem, their behavior towards their loved one can change drastically.

Mom and I moved in together in 2008 and we got along well for 7 1/2 years until she started becoming unrealistic regarding everyday decisions. Then August 2017, Mom "blew up" at me and we had a fight at the nursing home. I had never seen Mom so angry. The Social Services Assistant believed Mom's accusations of my brother and I stealing from her and helped her change her D-POA. I had to petition for guardianship and after several thousand dollars and several meetings with lawyers, Mom's court appointed "Attorney Ad Lidem" decided that Mom didn't know what she was doing when she changed her D-POA so it reverted back to me. I was lucky that I could account for every penny that had been spent over the past year, but my situation could have easily gone the other way. The "Attorney Ad Lidem" could have decided that I was abusing Mom and stealing from her since I live in the house we have shared for 10 years, we share checking accounts, and we use Mom's income for all expenses as I am disabled and semi-retired. Mom was diagnosed with Major Depression with Delusions and Mild Dementia.

There is more to your friend's story than is being told and we need to know what it is so that we can help your friend and his Mother.
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Do you mean a guardian? (I didn't think the state assigned POAs.) I think they have that authority, but what would their reason be? Is there a history of conflicts? Accusations of abuse? Why does the state have authority over this mother, instead of her son being POA?

Has the son been visiting his mother and getting her riled up about leaving, perhaps to come live with him? Does son have some mental health issues? Might he be abusive with the facility staff?

Usually contact with family members is considered beneficial, so I wonder what is different in this situation.

If they have had a loving relationship up to now, I would hope that whatever the reason for keeping them apart, some kind of monitored visiting could be worked out.
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Maybe if they think there is elder abuse by him.
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