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Angie, Jeanne asks good questions. It sounds like there's a history here, and that will help others respond to your question.

However, you DON'T have to accept the doctor's suggestions, or advice, w/o further explanation.

On a more aggressive note, I've been told by an ER staffer who just met my father and made a conclusion in less than 1/2 hour that my father could not go home. This man began making arrangements for AL, w/o discussing it with us first.

And a few ignorant neighbors have drawn the same conclusion, w/o knowing much more than that my father is old. Social workers in rehab have taken the same position.

When meddlers want to give unsolicited advice and ask WHY I haven't "put" him someplace, I tell them we can't afford it and ask if they're willing to dip into their financial resources to help pay for care at an AL facility.

Most of them know nothing about Medicaid, VA support or other options, and just gulp when I challenge them.

I've also done that with doctors who aren't regular treating doctors. They too are ignorant of the financial arrangements and just make some excusatory excuse and flee the room.

So, please provide more background information on this situation so posters can tailor their advice, and most of all, STAND YOUR GROUND.
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AngelaH, could you explain the situation in a little more detail? I think then you will get more responses.

In general, an ALF is not a prison and people cannot be held there against their will. But a court-appointed guardian can decide where their charge lives. Is there a court-appointed guardian involved here?

Are you sure it is an ALF that the spouse is being "forced" into? Could it be a short-term stay at a mental health facility for evaluation? That is sometimes the start of taking care of issues medically.

I've read your profile. I am so very sorry that you and your husband are in such a disruptive situation. Are you in the US? What state? Or what country?

Giving us a few more details will help people give meaningful responses.
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