I applied for emergency housing with welfare office after shelter asked me to leave because I was using a cane.

(They said I was non ambulatory.)

A social worker came down and told me I need supervision.

They want to put me in an adult care home and send me to adult day care as well.

I have chronic low back and foot pain but can do all ADL's. Just have to walk slowly.

Your advice is welcome.

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Are there reasons other than your ambulatory status that the social worker feels you need to be under supervision? You indicate that you have been living in a shelter. Perhaps the shelter personnel feel that you need more care than they can provide? Maybe they feel an adult home is a better environment for you. Shelters tend to be temporary whereas an adult care home would be a more permanent situation. Whatever happens, I hope that you are safe and comfortable. Best of luck.
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Personally, I don't care for SWs. They don't seem to look outside the box. Had the hardest time trying to explain to one why I could not have a ramp installed for Mom. The level Moms room was in is half underground so the steps leading out go up.

Do you have funds to be evaluated by a doctor? SWs are not medical people. The doctor can evaluate you so you have a medical opinion. The SW should be able to place you temporarily. Apply for a voucher. If you are over 55 most apartments are set up for easy accessibility. Bars in the tub, things like that. Apply for Medicaid. SSI. Food stamps. If under the age of 62, you maybe able to get SSD then Medicare and Medicaid are automatic. This is the SWs job. She can suggest but she can't force.
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No a social worker cannot force you into a home as an adult. Do you own your own home? If so, you may be able to qualify for programs that allow you to stay in your home. Look into what resources may be available in your area/state. If the social worker feels you need supervision, they can walk you thru what programs might work for your situation as well as help you apply for those programs. If there are no programs available, you'll have to decide for yourself what you want to do bc you can still do ADL's. Try to find out why the social worker wants you to be supervised then take it from there.
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suiee7005 11 hours ago
hi..I believe she said she was living in a shelter at the time so would think she does not own her own home
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