My grandma is 87 and was placed in a skillled nursing facility in Stanislaus County (California). Her dementia has gotten worse. She refuses to take meds, wanders around and takes other patients items. The facility social worker called and said that they want to transfer her to a dementia unit in another facility because they can’t cater for her and other residents are complaining about her.
I don’t agree as this is the only place she knows and she does not speak English so there are some staff that understand her language and are able to better communicate with her.
Also she has no funds therefore her care is paid by Medi-cal.
I live overseas and am her only left family. I called some facilities in the area and none of them accept Medi-cal for dementia unit or memory care.
What are her options? I attempted to speak to the facility, however they were very rude and intimidating. I was scared to say anything as I am worried that I will make things worse. I am grandma's listed responsible party.

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I don't know why you don't want her in a unit where she'll receive the proper care. My mother was in skilled nursing facility at first, and she darned near died for lack of care because she didn't need skilled nursing. I moved her to a memory care, and she bounced back to a remarkable extent.

Trust me, memory care is her greatest care need, so yes, she should be moved there.
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AshKiran Mar 2021
Yes I totally agree with you about getting the best care however I called most facility that provide memory care in the area and they don’t accept Medi-cal long term care as a payment. That is my understanding of the system.
If she is on MediCal then they need to find a facility that excepts it. I would find the Ombudsman's number for her State and call them. Even APS in her county.

What do you mean by "responsible party". Like Barb this means you pay her bills? If on MediCal I don't think this is what you mean. I think you maybe down on her HIPPA paperwork as someone they are allowed to talk to and you can talk to them. Do you have POA?

With you living out of the country, are you sure the NH does not have guardianship over Grandma. And that you are just being informed of the change and why out of courtesy not because they are asking your permission? If they have guardianship, they or the person who is the guardian, makes the decision.
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The social worker should be the one finding a Medi-cal facility for her. It will be a dementia unit WITHIN a SNF.

Also, please read this link. You need to get yourself removed as "responsible party". It implies you will pay her bills.
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