My daughter-in-law moved in with me to help, (assist), in her Mother's, (my wife), care. Are there any resources out there that she can use to get some type of financial help? As she is unemployed and I can't handle the workload. My wife was diagnosed with Dementia a few years back and needs constant care.

Are you or your wife a veteran having served during war time? If so, she may qualify for assistance from the VA.
Also, please check with Area Agency on Aging to see if there are any services available for your family.
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In addition to the excellent info FF provided, I think NC Medicaid will only pay for up to 80 hours home care a month. Which is 20 hours a week. 4 hours a day.
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BlueMoon, the vast majority of grown children do not get paid for caring for a parent unless that parent can pay the grown child from their own retirement fund.

You could check with your State Medicaid office [Medicaid is different from Medicare]. If your wife is accepted into Medicaid, you can check to see what type of caregiving payment the State can offer.

Unfortunately the State cannot pay what your daughter-in-law would get if she was working outside of the home. Pay is usually minimum wage for a certain number of hours each week. Your daughter-in-law would need to pay for her own health insurance, and put away money for her own retirement.

Glad you are getting some help, as you know this type of care can be very exhausting.
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