My mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2017. My dad passed in 2019. Deed upon death was left on home. 20 days after dads passing, my sister had deed written up with mom’s signature and notarized, but not filed through the court. No sibling knew this had taken place as my sister never said anything about it. In 2023 we found out this had taken place as my sister one day let us know the house was now hers and if we or my mom needed anything from the home we’d have to call the cops in order to be allowed to go in the home to get any belongings.

Problem; mom was not in town the day this deed signing/notarization took place. We have pictures and text messages to prove that. Mom has been in the nursing home since 2021 and deed was filed in 2023. I’ve reported to APS with no help and APS representative stopped responding to me and last she we did communicate, she told me that she could not tell me anything about the case. We the siblings opened a case with the JHCSO on behalf of Mom and it has been well over a year and nothing has been done. The JHCSO investigator has stopped responding to me as well. What can we do to fix this for our 90 year old mother in this situation?

Our mother needs assisted living/nursing home assistance due to her dementia, renal failure, CHF and diabetes as well as for therapy for multiple things.

What is JHSCO?
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If you have proof then take it to an attorney. We cannot help you from this forum. You don't even tell us what state this is all happening in or whether your Mom has a PoA.

An attorney will tell you if you have a winnable case. I don't think APS deals with financial abuse. I don't know what JHCSO is.
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