When a patient passes away on 13th of month, can a nursing facility charge for the whole month?


My daughter was in a nursing facility for 24 months and 13 days. I had paid them 25 months. Now they say her estate still owes them for the month she died. This was the 25th month. Any help appreciated.

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The nursing home where my mother was billed us at the first of the month. She died on October 13 and they only charged her through the date of her death. Her estate was reimbursed for the second half of the month she was not there for.

It does not make any sense for them to bill you for a month you had already paid for. Hopefully, there is something in the contract that states exactly what their policy is about paying for a month in which the person is only alive for part of the month.
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Your the contract you or she signed. If it's not in there, her estate doesn't owe it. There should be a separate paragraph or section that talks about what happens if a resident passes away.
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I would first read the application and admissions documentation. There might be something allowing them to bill for a whole month even if not used. If there's not, contact the facility's billing department and ask them why they're charging for a whole month.

It might also be that this is a common practice and others more knowledgeable will post to clarify the situation. I haven't been involved in any direct pay arrangements for years.

And I'm so sorry to learn that you have lost your daughter.
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