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Is your daughter on comfort care or Hospice? If so, life prolonging Medicines will stop. She will be given Morphine for pain and ease of breathing. Anxiety meds will be given. She will be kept comfortable. Water and food will stop because her body is shutting down and to give it would do more harm than good.

I think your questions need to be directed to the Nurses and doctors. They need to explain to you what is going on with your daughter's care.
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How would stopping/denying a patient's treatments and medications make them a more attractive candidate for SNF if your daughter already has been diagnosed with terminal COPD?

I'm so sorry that your daughter, you and your family is in this incredibly stressful situation!
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Can you provide which meds have been adjusted or "reconsiled"?Hospitals have many specialists and pulmonologists. Are you referring about the latest top tier meds being changed to some of the older standards? Many of the latest are just reformulated mixes of older drugs. Trilogy is one such med. Or are you referring of switches from inhalers to liquid versions? Terminal COPDers do not get the full doses of powdered forms due to significant changes on how they take a deep breath.
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Buffing, it's called. Buff and turf is the whole term, describing how you get rid of a patient to someone else's pea patch. It's in the standard traditions of medical practice, albeit on the satirical side.

But it isn't fraud because it isn't, either, hard to spot - there is no intention to deceive. When you read the discharge summary you will be able to see what treatments and medications have been introduced, amended or discontinued and the reasons why. Have you seen anything you want to question or challenge?
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