I am currently looking for wheelchair accessible apartments in South Carolina with a friend. I heard a while back that since I am paralyzed from the T3 vertebrae and in a wheelchair due to it that my friend that would be living with me could register as a care giver with the state and get paid since he would be helping me with some things such as laundry, cooking, etc. I am currently getting SSDI and we both have a job but are trying to make as much as possible so that we don't have to worry about the rising rent in our area. Any replies would be helpful and thank you!

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If you are a senior, you should also contact your area on aging because your state has non-Medicaid services under the Older Americans Act, which you may be eligible for. Good luck!
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Yes, your room mate can once certified by the State.

Where is that money going to come from is your question.

The answer is from you.

There isn't a golden goose to provide money for his caregiving. It isn't any different than you paying a company for in-home care.

It's really no different than paying a babysitter.
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worriedinCali Jun 2019
The roommate doesn’t need to be certified by the state if the OP will be paying them. Most state Medicaid programs don’t require the caregiver to be certified. And every state has programs that pay caregivers, for people in the OPs situation. Unfortunately for the OP, in their state, personal care through Medicaid is fairly limited.
Parker, you would need to contact your State Medicaid office to see if there is a program where a caregiver can be paid through the State. Each State handles their own Medicaid programs.

I hope your friend/roommate can get paid. Let us know.
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ParkerWheelz Jun 2019
Sounds good, thank you so much!
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