Mom has a reverse mortgage home. Her son is mentally ill and has put her into $70K debt, neglects her and has mentally & emotionally abused her. Doctor has record of mom's mental & emotional state after he worked her over Aug 2018. He's turned her away from daughter who was caring for her at her home and talked her into get an apartment with him. He's NOT healthy to be around 24/7 especially in her declining mental capcity and memory loss. She says she's okay. She's been programmed to say what he wants. How can I get this stopped?

I would think if the doctor has a record of this abuse, as a Mandated Reporter, he/she would have been obligated to report the abuse to Adult Protective Services. Because there is a record, contact an attorney and see if you can get a restraining order against him. If you don’t have Power of Attorney, I’m afraid your options are limited.
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