My father wants my daughter to come care for him. Hes having difficult time with coming to terms of being in a wheelchair now and wants her to do the services cause she already knows all his problems and how to handle him.

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Here in GA there are Medicaid waiver programs that will pay for a couple of hours of care a day, but the state has their own people that they send out. You really need to check the resources in your state, as each one has their own rules & programs.

If your father is with a private agency, more than likely the agency would hire your daughter, like someone else said. When my mom was receiving care that way, the agency was very willing to do that.
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My friends DIL does this, she had to get hired by a home agency, and then my friend "hired" her from there. Their LTC helped pay it. The DIL lives with them along with her family. So she know her FIL well!
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Does she work for a medical facility that has a home health program?

Home Health is covered by Medicare. Home health consists of OT, PT, a nurse and an aide. It’s a complete package that you are not able to separate in order for insurance to cover.
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