Cared for Mother 4.7 years, 24/7, no help; dr, RX, baths,grooming, hospital stays etc.........Nephew for once comes to take Mother early Sept. 2012, never brought her back, now sister that never did anycaretaking whatsoever, filed guardianship; I did not contest Mother has dementia I am tired worn out......Now she must document inventory, Mother;s home has a reverse mortgage taken 2008; procedes went to satifaction of a loan on her home taken out by my sister; the rest I administered and used..........I could not work, Mothers Social Security Check covered her expenses; At this time the 4.7 years I had durable power of attorney; Question am I allowed to have received compensation for this caretaking? EX: not for 24hr care but say 8 hrs. a day at $ in Tampa FL Hillsborough County. This is a nightmare for me I am very concerned my evil sister will accuse me of abuse when all I did was sacrifice my life for Mother's well-being.

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