Mom didn't want to go away with my sibling for the weekend. She basically tortured me about it. I kept calm but the next day I felt angry. Dad was crabby too. I have e. Been caring for them for 4 years. Mom stroke, dad Parkinson's and dementia. As my mom was leaving she said she wouldn't call me. When I asked why she said I was mean. These words really cut me. I sacrifice so much for them. Very sad. That's what I'm left with.

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I was her favorite when I was young. She told me about asking me and my sister for candy, we each had a stash, and she kept asking for another and another , never eating it just stashing her pile,As I gave her my last piece tears were in my eyes , My sister ran off with her candy ignoring us.
She didn't invite Nana to her wedding and for years never had anything to do with herm and still She had 50/50 with me in the trust, and I cared for Uncle and her ok just showed me she was fair. My Sister could tell her anything and she believed it, saying Kathy sure works hard. as if I don't?
I am an HVAC tech and worked online making $10000 a month as she would not pay me despite having $42k income and 2milion in cash!
She would not even gift $12k which would have eliminated her $8k tax bill!
My girlfriend slaved 12 hours a day 365 never a day off 3 times a night up to pee, bathed her daily How intimate can she be yet despise her?
She pays everyone else who works side by side and has some attitude as if we are leeches??
Asking me to get food stamps, My girlfriend freaked out saying,..

Ruth P. , Elder Law Attorney answers:

Caregivers don't pay rent or for food - that is included in their wage, but a caregiver 24/7 is paid between $150 and $220 per 24 hour day, plus meals and a place to sleep. And if a caregiver doesn't get 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep a night, then you pay by the hour, which is $15 - $19 per hour. So you need to settle this with your sister. And were all her expenses paid? Did mom pay for her health insurance? Contribute to a retirement plan for her? Pay social security taxes? Your sister has a claim that must be resolved. Perhaps agree to pay her at the low end of the scale - $150 per day. - See more at:

She said I was helping preserve the trust
II would need the money later in life
you promised me al my life what I had awaiting all you wanted me to do.
One day you sent me to home depot , I come home and you were gone? and nobody would talk to me now?
2 months you vanished, then a stroke and asked for me, I was cut out of the trust but never knew, everyone else did my sister and daughter the new beneficiaries! daughter too happy to take my money knowing I slaved 5 years for free! leaving me screwed they quit calling me answering my calls
I got kidney cancer diagnosis and you would not tell her neither of you? I learned why I was cut out
But My girlfriend was too smart she kept hours and told Grandma she suspected this deal was a bust for me and covered her butt She claimed $220 a day for 4 years and I was reinstated luckily and my sister and daughter now wanted to see me, I wanted to spit at them everyone wanted to make me a bad guy! sometimes its safer to avoid elders.. I almost lost 800k being around her!
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Cinderella to answer your question yes yes and more yes. I find with my mother
The more I just make sense and try not to engage in her insanity, the meaner I am. Pam is right. We are dealing with children. Children in parent suits.
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That would have been a great time to say it was good that she was going to be with the sibling who wasn't mean. :) I hope you get to relax some this weekend, cindarella. I agree with what Pam wrote. It reminds me of when a child says, "I hate you" when the parent won't let them do something.
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Think of a spoiled five-year old sassing back, because that is basically what you are dealing with. I'm sure they will both be just fine once you are out of sight. Kind of like leaving kids with a sitter. Keep it in perspective.
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