California assisted living - Now need a labeled RX for OTC meds?


Mom is in a 6 person Board and Care. They are very clean and thorough. OTC and regular meds for each guest are placed in a separate plastic container and everything is labeled. OTC items are labeled as shown on the Dr. report authorizing the med, or on a Dr. RX pad, signed by the Dr. but showing OTC.

The facility has let me know that when they were inspected last week they were dinged because the OTC items didn't have a regular RX label, the same as RX drugs do. So, now, instead of me buying, for example, Tylenol, at a store, I need to have it run through a pharmacy.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know whether it is a new rule? If so, where can I find more details? It is really complicating things.

Thanks for the help. Again, I'm asking only for California.

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I live in Texas. Here, ALL meds (even vitamins) go through a pharmacy if they are taken every day. Occasional OTCs like Tums or Tylenol are able to be given without an Rx.
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You might check to see if Moms Dr will write out the OTC meds in Rx form, will the pharmacy put your purchased OTC meds into Rx bottles for you? That could work, depending your relationship with the pharmacy, and if your pharmacy will comply. Worth a shot! 😁
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you know after thinking. (and I think a lot and I know nothing)

anyway. my moms assisted living switched to the in house pharmacy. because it was so time consuming for the med techs having to call all the different providers for refills etc. also waiting for family members to individually bring in LO's OTC meds.
so in my case im not sure there was a law/rule?
the inhouse pharm delivers and I guess pills are in bubble packs like the hospitals get. my letter(they sent) also mentions AL no longer has to do paperwork for Title 22(?)

AL also said I didn't have to agree with the new procedure. but if I didn't - I would have to provide medications in a secure monthly dispensing package, like bubble pack that will ensure exact counts and guarantee against contamination. I would have to provide records, physician orders, stored sheets(?) copies of the prescription and labels for ALL meds
and the list goes on and on

and if you didn't comply they(AL) would charge us more because they would have to have a fee to comply with title 22

ya know I hate complicated. I hope you can find a store pharmacy that knows what to do and how to help you.
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toriej113 Aug 8, 2018
Thanks Wally for the details about Title 22 about which I currently know nothing but will know quite a bit soon. I will call mom's pharmacy and work with them.
I was not allowed to buy Moms OTC meds. Even for OTCs the AL needed a prescription from Moms Dr. Then the OTC was ordered thru the ALs pharmacy. I paid way more than when I bought the OTC on sale or buy one get one free.
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yes I am in CA. my moms assisted facility went from getting her meds from Kaiser and me getting the OTC.

but they went to an in-house pharmacy.

so now everything my mom has on her RX list comes from the new pharm.

oh, but I don't have to get the OTC any more, because per the rules - everything is like in a bubble wrap (?)

so maybe its not exactly the same issue you are having

but I know the switch from Kaiser upset me at first - because of the co-pay they were over charging my mom
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The Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) in the California Department of Social Services is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of all assisted living facilities, including "Board and Care" homes. I would start there. Good luck!
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Yes. My insurance company pays for OTC if doctor prescribed.
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