keep mind busy


prep breakfast

assist in overall care but mom can still do it on her own if given patience and time.

train to go back to underwear full time after being in diaper in hospital.


med reminder

clean only what used.

Find Care & Housing
Cali hit the nail on head for what I found in Palm Spring area about one year ago. They demanded a minimum of 30 hours, and this was the cost. But she's also correct that you will get your best idea by calling several agencies. You may also want to check in at her doctors office and any senior centers in the area for recommendations they may have.
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You need to call around the local agencies and ask because it will vary depending on how much care is required. And keep in mind, the caregiver will most likely receive less than half of the hourly rate you pay. You’re probably going to pay a minimum of $30 a hour.
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