My husband and I co-own an old car that is on its last leg - or last wheel. My husband has Alz and can no longer give consent or sign anything anymore. I am his financial power of attorney. I am thinking of trading in the current car and getting another car. Do I need his consent to sell the current car? Does my role as his financial POA permit me to sell it without his signature/consent? Also, does he have to be on the title of the new car?

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Is the car in his name? According to my POA for Mom I had the right to buy and sell. I would ask the car dealer if the title is in husband's name how do u handle it. You may need to go to the DMV with ur POA and see if title should be changed over to u before you trade car in. When u buy the new car, title it and register it to you.
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I agree, but since you are asking this question I think you do not understand the POA. Before you start doing things review it with an attorney because there will be many more decisions down the road and you should have confidence in your authority when those issues arise.
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If you are his FPOA I think you are ok to sell the car or trade it in.
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