We don't want Medicaid and never filled out papers for it or got anything in the mail about it. But we did have a social worker come to the house and ask what her income was but didn't look at any paper work (SS, papers pension papers) for a subsidy funding for bath aide and visit nurse. So was it just maybe a miss mark on the paper work or would they sign her up for it even after we said we didn't want it since they will make us sell her house after she dies. and what is subsidy funding?

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Very well said October Angel.

Like said, no services can be forced on you but if it cost you nothing and helps Mom...
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I agree with Shane that some missed connection happened here. I am not sure which state you live in, but here in NC, there are some automated sign-ups. But never without contact and signatures.

Let me explain. At least locally, during admission, especially anyone on Medicare, a social worker must notify you before discharge, what date you are expected to be discharged and make sure a discharge plan has been set. Sometimes during that, they may gather additional information to see if that patient might qualify for additional services.

In NC most Medicare recipients are automatically checked to verify if Extra Help can be awarded. Extra Help help pays for prescription costs, even with an Advantage Plan. This would especially happen if upon discharge, a new medication has been prescribed that will not be covered under patients current plan etc.

To ensure discharge happens a social worker will look to assist in meeting that need. Similar to what would happen if a doctor orders a patient to be discharged with a wheelchair to take home. A social worker would be tasked with making that happen and the patient may remain admitted an extra day or two, to ensure the discharge orders can be fulfilled as prescribed. There is liability if a patient is released into conditions the Dr does not approve of. 

Another step often taken here is to see if a Medicare-covered person qualifies for Part B premium assistance. That means the monthly $100 to cover medical care would be paid for by your states Medicaid system. It is not the same as full Medicaid and in most cases, you would not even receive a Medicaid Card. 

However, this outcome described still would require information from you. A treating physician can also put in orders for a social worker to do some of what I have mentioned. Its possible someone came to your mother's room and initiated a process.

If your mother has received Medicaid award. Please do not cancel that help for her. The rules are very different if she is only getting premium payment assistance. And having both means better care for her and greater access to supported services. 

I agree, with Shane about calling Monday to follow up. Take some deep breaths first and have all the paperwork you question in front of you. It may take more than one call, but hopefully not. You can also visit your state's Department of Health and Human Services website and see what the qualifications and rules are. It can ease your mind. No US state currently requires liquifying property just to gain Medicaid services. They do not expect people to sell a home and rent somewhere. They would care if you had $70,000 in a savings account, however. So think of it in those terms.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by keeping up with all the moving parts, and it's affordable, you may consider using a patient advocate agency. If I had the money I would absolutely invest in such services. They can handle issues just like the one you describe here. 

However, it usually works out that caregivers are strapped in the resource department and getting that aid unobtainable. There are some not-for-profit groups that can help and others who focus on training you to do it more confidently. But that is initially more work too, sorting through agencies to do this or that. I get it.
Hopefully, some fellow posters have eased your fears and Monday provide the answers needed and resolution desired.

We are here for you.- Pamela J
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I think its an error. Homecare does not sign you up. Too much info needed that they do not have.

Medicaid does not make you sell the house. At passing a lean is put on it. If house is sold, the lean is satisfied at closing.
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Usually when a visiting nurse comes they leave a folder of some sort. In that folder you will find contact information for the agency. On Monday please call the visiting nurse agency, ask to speak with their billing department and ask them who they are billing for their services.
It may be a simple error.
Or look over the AOB’s (assignment of benefit) or billing notices from her recent hospital stay and look at what insurance the providers are billing for services.
Usually these days you need to present insurance cards whenever one visits a doctors office. Ask you mother or with her permission look through her wallet to try to find her insurance card. Medicare is a red white and blue.
Sounds like your mother may have a Medicare Advantage Plan sponsored by Humana in which case the card may look different.
Did your mother apply for Medicaid while in the hospital prior to going to the SNF?
Don’t worry too much. Follow up on Monday Can you mother tell you?
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