My parents both have alzheimers diagnosed many years ago by a geriatric psychiatrist, but unfortunately never went back because they refused and never believed it. I don't remember his name to get the records. My brother had them sign POA when my Father was on his death bed and Mother so confused she just signs anything. When my Father was in the hospital, my brother unwillingly took my Mother to live with him. He was so mad and didn't want to take her but the hospital nurses & doctors said she couldn't stay because she was disturbing my Father and other patients in the hospital. She was so mad at me for not letting her stay, like we have always done but she was causing problems, when my brother & Mother came to help with his discharge, she told the nurse she wanted to live with my brother so I let them go home with him. I had been at the hospital with my Father for a week with no sleep and very little to eat. I have taken care of my parents for about 34 years with very little help from anyone so I got mad, said what's this about the almighty buck? I gave him their drivers license, debit card, insurance cards and said You will reap what you sow and left. The next day my brother had an attorney come to their house to have them sign POA and I believe a will. He took all their money out of their accounts, put my Father back in the hospital and would not allow me to see him. The hospital sent him to my brother's house on hospice. My brother could not handle it and put him in inpatient hospice and once again I was not allowed to see him. My Father has recently passed and me and my daughters are still not allowed to see my Mother. She said at his funeral, I am so confused, where have yall been and of course I want to see yall. We are still not allowed to see my Mother and the last time me and my daughtger tried, they called the police and said intruders broke in my house, come quick so instead of confusing my Mother even more, we just left. WHAT CAN I DO? DCAN THEY TAKE AWAY MY RIGHTS TO SEE MY MOTHER NOT TO MENTION MY FATHER? please advise?

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My brother is denying me the rights to see my mother.
In a brief outline: My father passed away 6 years ago and my brother kindly took mum and looked after her in his house. He had sent me and my 3 sisters a solicitors letter for us all to acknowledge that we have no objection to him claiming the right to my fathers "inestate" soon after my dads death.So with these monies my brother expanded his house, brought a brand new mercedes, went on exotic holidays and even helped himself to my mothers pension; and still is. My mother signed everything over to my brother after my sisters and I signed the letters (not fully understanding the criteria of this outcome). My mother did this as she is housebound and unable to have made visits to the bank or post office to collect her pension or any money. My father had always ever looked after her and now finaces are controlled by my brother as she does not wish to deal with any financial matters. She feels obliged to him because he is caring for her. When emergencies arose and if my brother was unable to care for mum, I would go or my mum would come to mine for 2/3 weeks on end whilst my brother went on holiday. My mother has a relative who is willing to care for mum the days my brother is in the office and unable to work from home.
Almost over a year ago my daughter and son in law wanted to visit their grandmother so that she could see her great grandson. They were unable to go immediately after the birth of their child as my daughter suffered post natal depression and distance didn't really allow for her to take the baby for visits.
It just so happened that the visit took place whilst my brother was in hospital having a knee op as a day surgery. On the morning of that day my daughter arranged to meet my mum. A very spontaneous decision to visit as this was convenient and fitted in nicely with the baby's routine.
She text my brother the very next day to say that although it was a spontaneous visit she will do her utmost to visit again when he is around. My brother took this on a serious note and started throwing all sorts of accusations, that we had planned this purposefully as he wasn't around. My daughter and I were and still are baffled by his perception of all this as we felt he was totally out of character. He has since denied us visits to see my mother.
Now after so many apologies and tries of reconciliation (for no wrong doing on my part) or any of my family he has told my sister that I am not to be called even in an emergency. He has threatened me that he will call the police and provoked me into reporting him. He is a big bully. I am terrified of him and am in a very worrying situation. My mother will be 80 this September. I would be very grateful for any advice.
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"RIGHTS TO SEE MY MOTHER NOT TO MENTION MY FATHER?" Your father is dead. If you allowed mom to disrupt the hospital, and you stayed there with dad 24/7 (bad idea) I can understand why Hospice would not want either one of you there. They want visitors to go home at night.
Your mother? "I gave him their drivers license, debit card, insurance cards" Why did you have all these things, especially the debit card? In the last 34 years, how often did you use their debit card? Maybe brother suspects some wrong doing in the past.
You really need a lawyer, to petition for supervised visitation of your mother. But first, you need to recover from the death of your father. Get some grief counseling and work it through.
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