My Dad has passed but my brother won't let me into Dad's house and it's 1/4 mine. Any advice?


My youngest brother kept me from seeing my dad-92 in a senior care with violations. My brother (60) wont let me in my dads house which is one fourth mine-wouldnt let me see my 62 year old dad--senior violations and know my dad dead--brother refused my phone calls, flowers and visitation to see my dad-have hotel bills when attempting to see my dad-what do you do with brother that is abusive to me-age 67-want to file against him and take action-

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texasgal69, if Dad was in a nursing home under Medicaid, they are the ones who own the house now. If you read the Will, it says "after all debts are paid", the remainder is then divided. Often there is no remainder. Even for hotel bills.
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Need more information, as Tacy suggests - what authority did your brother invoke to keep you from seeing your father? What are "senior violations?" Did your father have a will or trust? Who's the Personal Rep of the Will or the Trustee of the Trust?
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What is the reason he gave you for not seeing your father?
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