The nursing home will not provide me any information as they say he signed her in and I am not on the list. He avoids putting me on the list. How do I challenge this and get on the list?

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We of course cannot know what rights your brother has. Nor can you unless you ask him. When siblings aren't speaking the rest of the world is helpless to assist. I suggest you speak with your brother. If he signed you Mom in then he DOES have the right to do so, as it is important to facilities that their paperwork is right.
Is your mother competent to make her own decisions? If so he cannot block her from seeing you if she wishes to see you.
Undoubtedly your brother was chosen as next of kin if he was PRESENT, and Social Workers assisted him in getting conservatorship or temporary guardianship if indeed your mother did not choose him herself. But as I said, we could only guess at what happens here unless we spoke with your bro, which is what I suggest you do. It sounds as though there is in fact no other option. I surely do wish you good luck.
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It doesn’t cost a ton of money to obtain POA.

Plus your mom may have paid for it a long time ago.

I just read your profile. Is your mom, Joyce in the assisted living facility with Alzheimer’s disease?

If your mom has Alzheimer’s disease she most likely had to be placed in a facility.

What was your relationship with your mom before being placed? Does your brother feel as if he is protecting your mom?

I am not accusing you of anything. I have had sibling issues too in the past. Fortunately, we have resolved our issues and I hope that you can as well.

There is a list at facilities to receive medical information.

I filled out tons of paper work when my mom was in a facility for rehab. I signed my brothers names on everything, to receive medical information but I think that she could have visitors from anyone without a special signature from me.

I know that I would never have signed for my brothers to be banned from seeing her.

What exactly did the facility tell you?
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How do you know he isn't her PoA? He sure is doing things that appear he does have this legal authority. If he isn't her PoA then it is doubtful the facility could exclude you without reason. I'm not sure if the facility will tell you who is your mom's PoA but they may be able to say that "someone" is. Otherwise you may need to consult an attorney.
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