My brother told my dad that his house was in foreclosure and needed him to sign a QCD to fix his finances. The house has been paid of for years. What we found out is that my brother's house was in foreclosure and he was trying to take ownership of my dad's house to borrow against it or sell it. Unbeknownst to my brother, I was already a joint owner on the house with my father. I did this thinking it would protect my dad's house from this happening. My brother was successful in getting the QCD recorded, which now results in a 50/50 ownership between my brother and I. I had contacted California's Legal Assistance at that time and they started a case, but they had to stop due to funding issues. My dad wants his portion of the house back, but my brother refuses to do so and to top it off, he has made it clear that he will not pay property taxes. I am the caregiver to my father. I have a POA for everything except for medical decisions. My brother has a long history of taking advantage of my parents. Is there any legal path to change this back?

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