My brother who has a gambling problem took money from Mom. He has past arrests for theft and he lies. He warmed up to mom who has emotional issues and early dementia, gained her trust and she showed him where she kept her cash. Now she wants to tell the police but she doesn't want to cause trouble between my brother and his partner who does not know about his past. I'm not sure what to do. I am POA and put all her cash in the bank. He used to spend time with her to give me a break, now she doesn't want him there. I am afraid he will steal from her again if he can. Help please.

Thank you for all your advice. I will make her money safe from him.
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Darby2, if you have all of Mom's cash in the bank then I would suggest that you get checks made up with Mom's name and your name, which require two signatures. The only way he can get money would be through you.

If you feel your brother would overwhelm you and force you to write checks, then hire an accountant to manage Mom's money. It would be expensive, but at least safe.
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It will not do any good to tell the police and then tell them that you don't want to press charges.
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You have a responsibility, as POA, to protect your mom.

Report the theft to the police and to Adult Protective Services.
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