What can be done about my brother and sister removing any flowers that I place on my parents' graves?


When I went to the Cole reunion on September 13, my brother, Gailen B. and my sister, Lois A., followed me after to my parents' grave site, where I was placing flowers. They pulled in and then left. When I returned to East Enterprise to visit some friends on November 6, we went to the cemetery, and the new flowers I had placed were gone - they did not blow away as the praying hands were stuck in the ground and the Peony had a saddle back, which I secured.

This happens because my brother and sister are totally jealous of me and have done other things to me. They never liked me as I was the younger and they still feel they have to destroy anything I try to do for our parents, even though deceased.

If I give you their addresses, can you send a letter to them, telling them not to remove flowers placed by others from grave sites?

These were not old and faded, but new. You know that new flowers are expensive. I feel this is like degrading a grave site.

Diane B. - parents are Park and Pearl B.

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Diane, the comments you made about your siblings could be considered libelous. I doubt if any attorney would agree to sue you for libel, but it is inappropriate and inconsiderate to name family by specific names. It's also unsafe - the Internet is far from being secure and your post could result in unwanted action toward your siblings. You've also given your parents' names. It's not unheard of for criminals to attempt to open credit card accounts in the names of deceased people.

In addition, this is a forum by which posters help other posters attempt to solve caregiving and related problems. There is no one here to provide the type of letters or invention you requested. You'd have to see an attorney for that.

Lastly, even if this site provided it, I doubt anyone would stick his or her neck out and gamble i writing a letter to persons unknown by relying solely on one person's perspective.
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dianekaybyram, chances are it is the caretakers of the cemetery that had removed the flowers. You may want to read over their regulations about the placement of flowers and how long flowers can remain at the grave, or if flowers are even allowed.
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I can understand your anger at your siblings, but putting their first and last names on a social site like this one is just as disrespectful. Why can't you tell them not to remove the flowers? Giving out your brother snd sister's addresses to strangers cpuld be a crime.
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