we don't know if his medical needs are being met and also his checking and savings accounts were taken .Since he was taken to Utah ,1600 miles from his residence we have no way of knowing what his present condition may be. He was coerced into signing a new POA to my younger brother and our concern is he may try to bring unfounded charges against myself and other siblings.
He thinks we forced Dad into a rest home, when it was doctor ordered after an episode brought on by his dementia which caused a fall and physical injury requiring hospitalization and transfer to a local rest home on order from the doctor.

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This sounds so much like a recent post in which a woman wrote that her sister allegedly kidnapped a parent (don't recall whether it was her mother or father) and was holding him/her captive in a mansion.

If I can find that post, I'll post the link as the answers may help you.

Given that Utah is involved, I think there's another specific issue. Is your brother of that state's predominant religion? Are you and your siblings? If you're not, that could involve a whole 'nother dimension of parental and family relations.

Your post could also be more explicit on some issues:

1. How did your brother "kidnap" your father from a facility? Was he assisted by anyone? If so, who?

2 What did local and Utah law enforcement officials do when you contacted them? Have Utah law enforcement officials contacted your brother to interview him, and what's his response?

3. Kidnapping and transporting across state lines is a federal offense. Did you contact the FBI?

4. How do you know a new POA was signed and how do you know that your father was coerced into signing? Who told you this?

5. Is your father cognizant enough to sign a POA with enough mental clarity?

6. Your profile doesn't reveal any information on you or your father, so completing that would help others respond.

7. Why would you be concerned your brother may bring unfounded charges? On what basis, and how does he know about actions you and your siblings have taken that might constitute charges?

8. Was your father getting Medicaid? Has your brother applied for it in Utah?

9. What do you mean that the financial accounts were "taken"? Were they closed and re-opened, and if so, how did you learn about this?
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You could call the police and APS in dad's locale and explain the situation.
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