Tonight she gave him 2 sleeping pills. She said she got them from the dollar store. Really? She has nursing home training. I dont think this was wise. As a matter of fact. I think it could be dangerous. Help!

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Where I am, most sleeping pills of the 'azepan' family are prescription only. However there are some that are based on anti-histamine that are not prescription (although here they are 'behind-the-counter' pharmacy drugs, not dollar shop). They work because a large majority of people are made drowsy by anti-histamine, although tolerance builds up after only a few nights. They also come in different strengths, so two pills of this type may not be such a drama as it seems.

Does your brother seem hungry, as well as skinny? Can you talk with your niece about his health generally? Are there other family members who could also be involved, so it doesn't come across as just you being critical? Have you any reason to think that she would mistreat her father, your brother? Tact is obviously a good idea here.
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Dortprincess, we need more information such as what are the health issues with your brother?

As for the dollar store sleeping pills, those pills could be made by a major U.S. manufacturer who has a contract with such discount stores to sell their products. If you get a chance, read the label on the bottle as to where the pills are made. There are excellent health products that are made in other countries. And there are countries where products are questionable.

But I would question the need to take 2 sleeping pills instead of just one.
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