my mom lives in my home with my husband for 1 1/2 years i have poa-my brother put his name on her four bedroom house in 2007 when she started showing alz. -his and her name is on the house- he accidently gave my daughter my moms mail-i changed her address to mine so not sure why i didnt get this particular mail-it was a pension that puts money into a joint account of his and my moms that he didnt want to close cuz said it would be a hassle- also found out that mom didnt qualify for extra help on meds cuz they told me she had $6000 in her bank account-he could have split it and gave mom half-she gets $700 a month from soc.sec. and he wants torefinance the house cuz the payments are going up- he has spent over$100,000 of the equity-thats it -im telling him to sell or he will be arrested for stealing-i found this all out last week-and he texted my daughter -she lives with me and wants to know what were doin for easter-he hasnt come to c mom in three months-jerk-hes scared cuz now i know EVERYTHING-prior to this i didnt want to sell the house cuz hes 48 and has always lived in moms house-time to grow up bro-he hasnt thought about moms financial security once -im so pissed

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