Brother-In-Law lives with us & we’re trying to find a facility for him. Income $2,000 a month ( SSI & Pension). Doesn’t own anything except clothes.

Has as a lot of mental problems.

What can we do?

Florida has a statewide Medicaid managed long term care program that will help pay for LTC including assisted living. The first step is to get your BIL evaluated so the program knows what the best placement for him is.
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I would check around and see if your area has care homes. These are more affordable and you can usually age in place as well.

You may have to contact social services and find out how to make him a ward of the state, there are so many variables for every state, even counties.

Is he becoming a problem because of his mental issues?

Can you call the police during an episode and have him committed for a psych evaluation and then refuse to let him come back. This would put him on the path to getting assistance and placement.

Can you provide more information? That is helpful in getting better opinions.
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Medicaid and LTC. He doesn't make enough for an AL. You will not be required to pay anything towards his care.
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