My brother has two personalities. Anyone else experience this?


I have a brother that has dementia, and has been living with me for the past year. He cannot take care of himself any longer. He is just 49. Sometimes he gets angry when I don't have anywhere to go that day. He wants to go somewhere everyday. But even when we go shopping, he will tear up, because he misses his dog so much. We would be gone only half hour, and he gets upset, because he wants to stop at the shelter to find his dog. I explain that the dog is safe at home, and he wants to yell and says he doesn't know where that is. I just let him rant, and in a calm voice, I tell him that we will see the dog in about 15 minutes and I give him my word that the dog is fine. Then sometimes when we don't go out, it's almost like he is in the middle of an argument in his head, and he will turn to me and say, so your don't want to help me? I ask him what does he need help with. Of course I will help you, what do you need? Then he says, I don't know. But he is angry with me. He just is not making sense anymore. Anyone else experience this? What do you do this this scenario? .

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Get him to the doctor as soon as possible.
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Please check with his doctor about the type of dementia he has. Then find a support group or online forum about that type of dementia. You will find a world of support and a lot of advice that will be very helpful as you go on this journey with your brother.
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Oh my, 49 is so young to have dementia. How terrible for him and for you. Bless you for taking him into your home to care for him.

I have found that expecting someone with dementia to be here, in my world, with me is too much to expect. I have to go into their world and in their world things don't make sense. For example, if your brother expresses only half a request just deal with that as opposed to trying to get him to express specifically what he needs. He may not be able to do that. If he's angry, let him be angry. He may not know why he's angry.

Since he wants to go out everyday can you take him and his dog for a drive occasionally?

It sounds like you're handling this very well. Talking to him in calm, reassuring tones and making sure he knows that you're there to help.

With such early onset of dementia did the Dr. put him on any kind of medication to slow the progression of the disease? I shudder to think of someone at his age in 30 years. Although there's some famous hockey player (T.J. Oishe??) whose father was just diagnosed with Alzheimer's and he's 49 too.

Do you have family support? Does your brother have an kids?
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