Mother has mild Dementia last seen by Dr brother is control freak per mothers words will not giver her cell phone allow calls etc. I was not her full time caretaker as he uprooted her from her residence 1 year ago and put in assited living she has been trying to move back to her house he is trying to sell for 9 months he asked her to stay 1 more month. He is not truthful with her. Someone is typing over this. is POA valid I am going to TX atty today

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Please do see an attorney, preferably an elder law attorney. This needs to be straightened out legally.
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Your message is a bit scattered. No criticism there, just not clear enough for me to answer with any certainty. I think you are saying that your brother moved your mom to assisted living in California under the pretext that it would be a short term stay. It has been a year now and he has been trying to see her home for the past 9 months. He has her POA.

Here are some questions I have. When was your mom last seen by a doctor that specializes in dementia? Have you personally visited your mom at her AL residence? Are you willing to have her move in with you? Did she have a full time care giver when she was in her home? Was it your brother?

I think you need to really be able to assess your mom's mental capacity before you are certain that your brother is taking advantage or not doing what is in your mom's best interests.

Your brother may be a control freak, but hopefully you can talk to him and understand where he is coming from and that his intentions in selling her home are to have funds available for her care.

Nothing wrong with you going to an attorney. I would recommend you find one that is well versed in elder law.

It must be very hard for you to hear your mom's distress. You could always provide her with a cell phone, but I think for your peace of mind you need to truly understand her mental capacity and see if you can offer an alternative.

The concern for you and, hopefully, your brother is her safety and well being. Are you sure that your brother is not being truthful with her. Sometimes people with dementia don't tell the whole truth.

I'm not saying that your concerns are not valid or that your mom is not capable of living on her own with assistance. If she has dementia, you have to understand that the disease is progressive.

My heart goes out to you. I hope you can get to the actual bottom of this mess and find the answers you need. My best wishes to you and your mom.

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