He has talked her into co-signing a loan on his rental property. Also constanty asks for large sums of cash, which she gives him

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I hope that your mother is wealthy and has longterm care insurance. If not, Medicaid lookback is 5 years and you may not have money for her care when she needs it.

In order to put an end to what is going on you need to hire an eldercare attorney and get guardianship of your mother. The reason I recommend guardianship as opposed to POA is because guardianship changes have to go through the court whereas POA can be changed anytime by signing a paper in front of a Notary. If you became POA, your brother could bring in his own POA document and change it to him. What your brother is doing is called Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. This article explains how common this is and what you can do:

If you become your mother's guardian, then your brother will not longer be able to get money from her by going to her. He would have to approach you and of course, your answer is "No." It costs about $10,000 to get guardianship, but that money can be recouped from your mother's estate as you are going this in order to protect her. If you decide to become her POA, I recommend that you change all of her bank accounts and not allow your mother access to her checks. Still, with what your brother is doing, I'd hate to have to worry that he may come in and convince your mom to make him POA at some point.

Definitely contact an eldercare attorney now.
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