Mom has stage 5/6 Alzheimer's, is in assisted living now, but absolutely hates it. Bringing Mom to live w/ us? What ?'s should we be asking? My husband and I have talked it over and basically he's willing to do this for me. We know there will be stress and he has an in home office/man-cave, plus a workshop to retreat to. I would be responsible for her care. I don't work; my kids are grown and I want to do this. She's 88 and in good health. I take her many places now and we enjoy each other. One main concern is if/when I need to go somewhere alone, my husband would not be able to take care of her. Are there facilities that I could take her to for a weekend or even a week at a time?
I'm sure there are other questions to be asked... I just don't know quite what I'm getting into.

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The dementia will continue to progress. It will get worse and this will get harder. The progression may be slow or fast, very gradual or apparently sudden. Just so you know.

You will need regular respite -- afternoons off, a Saturday for shopping, a long weekend away with your husband, etc. Plan for this before you even bring Mom into your home. Contact some in-home care agencies to see what is available, at what cost, how much lead time is needed for "extra" time. Set something up immediately.

There are facilities that offer respite care for a week and sometimes shorter periods. Many assisted living facilities offer this. Check where Mom is now. Or consider using in-home care to let her stay at home.

Be aware that Mom may resist "outsiders" coming in to help care for her. But you must have respite so this is a battle you may have to fight. (Or she may be fine with it.)

If you don't have a housecleaning service now, you may want to consider that. Your time will be taken up with new tasks -- farm out as many of the old ones as you can.

Work out the financial aspects of her moving in with you, so everyone is clear about what to expect. In-home care is not cheap, but if Mom is now paying for assisted living she can afford it.

Do you have siblings? What is their attitude toward Mom's care?

I hope that having Mom live with you is a very rewarding experience.
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