My boyfriend's mom just had heart attack today and hospitalized. Last time she had it was 2012. She discontinued her heart medication. She said it made her uncomfortable. She didn't follow up the heart med she might need for the past few years. Also a series of life events cause life stress, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, eventually cause her current heart attack. What do we need to do to ensure she is on the track on her health after release from the hospital? She is living with her relative and we don't always see her. She is stubborn to change until she really have to. she is picky with food, don't eat enough vegetables and don't like drink water, she drink diet coke. Her overweigh situation had cause her difficulty to walk. Also arm injured easily. It's a long time problem. How to reduce her weight and encourge her make right choice. Her job require her to be physically healthy. She can't lose job because she need money to live. And there are other problem envolved around her. She need health and wealth. Neither of them exist yet. She is at retirement age but can't retire. She is living with someone let her stay. It breaks my heart to see my boyfriend's Mom go through these when it's all preventable. How to be the best help without causing frustration. Because asking her to eat right, exercise might be difficult yet possible. We want her good for a long run!

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If she hasn't taken care of herself up to now, don't think that she is going to do it now. No amount of begging by u or son is going to help. Its just going to make her mad.

Does she collect Social Security and Medicare? Does she have Medicaid?

If SS not enough, she maybe able to get SSI.
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Any person having a recent heart attack, bypass or valve repair surgery are encouraged to attend a Cardiac Rehab program. Her cardiologist can give her a prescription and it’s usually covered by insurance.

Then get her to a nutritionist to learn the Healthy Heart Diet.

She is going to have to want to participate however. Encourage her motivation to learn how to take care of herself.

I second Barb again, lol.
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Will she be going to cardia rehab? That's really the best place for her to learn about how to live a healthier lifestyle and get some coaching in better diet and ways to reduce stress.

People only change if they want to; you can nag her and add to her stress (not a great idea) or you can try to get her to go to therapy or counseling to help her work on the issues that are causing her not to be able to make ends meet, not want to eat in a healthy way and make other lifestyle changes.

Some folks don't know much about nutrition; some folks grew up being taught to be suspicious of everything they were told about health "others". Some folks suffer from a long condition like depression that has gone untreated and some folks stubbornly just want what they want and don't care about the consequences.

Good luck!
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