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I think your boyfiend is very lucky that you are willing to take care of him in your home (presume you are relatively young and living together?). I am curious as to how he coped with his anger before he got sick. Has he always taken out his anger on you? Personally, you don't have to cope with it at all. He will treat you as you allow yourself to be treated. Being a caregiver is not for shrinking violets - you need to be compassionate but assertive and not willing to take either verbal or physical abuse. Another caregiver gave me some advice earlier, saying I could take the "nuclear" approach with my elderly uncle. She meant that If he did not want to cooperate with me, that I would do absolutely nothing for him and he would be left high and dry, since he has no other family left. So you might try something along those lines. You certainly have the option of leaving altogether. He presumably has family? I would give them the courtesy of advising them that I quit, and they need to come and get him or make other arrangements for his care. Under no circumstances should you stay and subject yourself to physical abuse. If things escalate that far, get out at your first opportunity, and do not go back!
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