With numerous elders to take care of in the next 10 years I would like to be able to have a notebook or booklet that I can work through with each senior so I know what their wishes are. Especially since my husband and I are the only relatives living in the area. I'm not sure what all that would entail but right now I need the following:
1. Is there a will and where is it located.
2. Who is your POA for financial matters: Where is that paperwork, or better yet
a simple form that can legally be signed and notarized.
3. Who is your Medical POA: rest the same as above.
4. What are your expectations for your family specifically.
5. Is there a living will. Where is it, and/or a simple form that legally can be notarized.
6. What do you want to happen when you pass away. Burial/cremation.
7. What type of service do you want?
8. What arrangements have you already made for your funeral and where is that paper work?
I know this sound morbid, but right now it would put my mind at ease, help me determine what they need me to do/ what my role will be, and give the family a starting point should the inevitable happen unexpectedly.

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