He's been really depressed. Two years ago I had to sell my parent's home and move them into an independent/assisted living facility. My Mother has severe dementia and refuses help with bathing and is giving my Dad a really hard time over everything. My Dad was doing pretty well until a year ago when his mobility got so bad that he had to sell his car and now spends at least 85% of his day in an electric wheelchair. Mom used to be very active and fit but this terrible disease has caused her to gain 50 pounds and refuses to do any physical activity. Dad would like her to take a walk with him outside but all she wants to do is eat, sit and watch TV. The only activity she will participate in is bingo. My Dad is having a hard time accepting the fact that Mom is not the women he married but a stranger who is so unpredictable. Dad used to also be very active but his means of transportation is an electric wheelchair that he uses if he goes outside to get some fresh air. Dad is having a hard time realizing that he is having to rely on his wheel chair more and more and feels he is a burden to us. His pride has been crushed. He always took care of us and now the table has turned and we are taking care of him. I am looking for a book that will help him deal with what he has been going through. Something positive. My Mom is 87 and my Dad is 89. I know it has been hard on them losing their independence and living in a facility where you see people die on a daily basics. I love them very much and feel very lucky that I still have both of my parent's. I just wish their retirement would have been as they had planned.. traveling and enjoying life!

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I don't have a book recommendation. How about talking with the staff where they live and see if they have ideas about how to involve your dad more in activities, and the same for your mom. They don't have to do things together. Can you take him out for some fun on his own, with you or other senior activities? Have you talked with him about his feelings, or has he had any counseling? It just feels like maybe he needs more social interaction than reading a book.
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