I need help getting him into a facility. He lost his leg 3 yrs ago and had 2"more cut off in July. He has become violent. I sleep with baseball bat and chair up against door. I need help with just Medicare what can I do?

My cousin was a victim of murder suicide with your same situation. When he is violent do as everyone is recommended. Call 911 and refuse to take him back. Get a restraining order to indicate to health care that he needs help. Social services can help here and do not be a wet noodle.
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OMG, yes, Call 911.

Does he have a doctor? Have you talked with doctor about his psychiatric issues?

Call the police next time he threatens you.
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I’m so sorry you’re living like this. I agree with 911 immediately if you are afraid of him. If you have any firearms in the house please lock them away from him and let 911 and the police know so they can help you with that. Do you have any children or brothers who can come over when he gets nasty? Is a a daily/ nightly occurrence? Also call his doctor and report his behavior. If he’s on any behavior meds they may need to be adjusted. But the immediate issue is to get him into an emergency room thru 911. Then do not bring him home. They will help to find an appropriate living situation after he is stabilized.
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Call 911 and have him taken to the hospital. Once there request psychiatric evaluation for meds that may help. Then state that he needs more assistance than you can provide. Refuse to take him home, do not waver. Social worker at the hospital will step in to find him a facility.
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