My husband is 87 years old, painfully thin, has dementia, hallucinates, barely eats, too weak to get out of bed. Last night he peed blood when he was urinating and he would moan every couple of minutes like he was in pain all night. Could that be a kidney stone, which he has never had or something else?

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My 85 yo dad just went through this. Everything was normal, then he couldn't urinate - only a few drops of blood. Very painful with bladder spasms. Went straight to the ER. Catheter kept clogging with massive blood clots. Surgery revealed a small tumor in his bladder that was surrounded by blood clots. Get him to the hospital NOW! This is nothing to mess around with.
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Blood in the urine is nothing to sit home and speculate about. Hit the ER, soon as possible.

Once, at a family event my mother pulled me aside and said "look at this? Is this normal?" She had container with what apppeared to be pure blood. She said "I've been peeing like this for days."
Good grief, I couldn't get her to the ER fast enough. It was a ruptured blood vessel in her bladder that wouldn't stop fairly easily dealt with but it could have been something very serious.

Mother didn't indicate it was particularly painful--or I think she would have said something earlier.
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Could be kidney stone, UTI, and so many things. Do you have a doctor involved? This is really something they would have to answer. Is hospice involved? If so a nurse or doctor could come to the house, could provide pain meds. But your husband shouldn't be suffering, so please get some medical help for him.
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Yes, it could be. You need to get him to his doctor or an ER. Blood in the urine can mean a lot of things. Call an ambulance, don't u try to transport him.
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