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Agree, you need to see a doctor now.
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No point in 'what-iffing' until you see a doc.

It COULD be something.

It COULD be nothing.

My mom thought she had started having periods again (forgetting she'd had a hysterectomy 30 year ago) and when I checked her--good grief, she was PEEING blood. To her, any kind of bleeding 'down there' meant it was your period.

Turned out she had a cyst in her bladder. Easily treated and it never returned.
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The source of bleeding can be confused with bleeding from another source.
See a doctor.

Enter "bleeding" in the search icon above to read all the other comments on bleeding.
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Of course you must already know that you need to call the doctor for a check up, what other kind of answer were you expecting?

(And I've got to say that I find it a little weird that this exact question comes up over and over again on the forum)
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LoopyLoo Nov 2020
Same here! I mean, I don't get why people think this is the place to ask that.
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Call your primary care doctor and get guidance from him or her; that's the best suggestion you can get on a forum of caregivers to the elderly.

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You say "full hysterectomy"? That means that the cervix was removed, as well? Of course you will know that whatever the cause of this bleeding is, it must be checked out by your MD right away. There can be many reasons for vaginal bleeding; all of them must be checked by an MD. Any guessing we would be doing here is complete guessing; imagine with the internet you have already managed to scare yourself senseless with that; just make an appointment early in the week with your MD. Good luck.
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