At 80 years old I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. They could only remove about 65-70% of the tumor. I underwent a PET scan and the cancer had not spread. The Doctor suggested a complete removal of my bladder, rather than chemotherapy. What are the risks involved? All possible side-effects? I have always maintained a healthy and active lifestyle. I am suppose to go to Miami, FL to get the possible this safe at my age? What all does this involve?

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Sky: this sounds very extreme to me. You need to consider all the possibilities. Why is your doctor recommending removal if it hasn't spread? This is a major surgery with, I assume, a lengthy recovery. Also, how will your body function after sugery? And yes, you are correct, surgeries get riskier with age.
Please get another opinion by a specialist. Ask friends or family for a referral. Call your hospital and ask for the head nurse. Ask for the very best diagnostician. I would not charge into this until I know about the risks and life expectancy if you decide against surgery. It has been my experience that doctors see only two options to every ailment: pills and surgery. Good luck...
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